custom composition

Custom Composition

Get the perfect gift for your friends and family in only 30 days or invest your money in the best thing possible: YOUR SONG.

Choose between a 2-3 minute, 3-4 minute or 4-5 minute song duration. 

The download code will be sent to the e-mail address you used for the purchase.



  • As it is published on your song will also be available for everybody else.
  • By buying the custom composition you only pay for the service of composing the song and a free download of that particular song. You don't buy any rights of this song. That means that I am the only one that has the copyright.
  • You are only allowed to use the song for your personal non profit use. You will not place ads on the audio or a video that includes this song, sell or reproduce the audio or your rendition of the song for any exchange of money or services.  

19,00 €

  • Available